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Smooth cardboard

Smooth cardboard boxes rank amongst the most popular and the most resistant packaging materials. They provide multipurpose options of application in combination with a very beneficial price.

Our offer includes smooth cardboard boxes, specific archive boxes, and safety protection corners.

Smooth cardboard boxes

We produce and deliver boxes of various sizes.

Grey-grey machine cardboard is suitable for backing and bookbinding processing, archiving boxes, the production of book covers, folders, mechanical boards, diaries, albums, and sample books, interlays, etc.

Smooth cardboard is thin, quite solid material. The packages made of smooth cardboard are recognized for its light weight, solidity, and price benefits. It also provides a wide range of print.

Archiving boxes

The purpose processed boxes are adopted mostly for string documents of A4 size, and they also offer sufficient load capacity.

The boxes are supplied in various sizes, dimension 300 mm x 225 mm x 100 mm is in store.

Safety corners from smooth cardboard

The safety paper corners provide a great protection of products and other loads during transport, when the damage during handling occurs most frequently due to potential mechanical friction. It reinforces the part of the load most susceptive to damage. It is the simplest method to protect the transported goods.

We produce the safety corners in the dimensions below:

  • Width from 45 mm to 600 mm
  • Length from 300 mm to 1,800 mm